About Dr. Cassar

Dr. Robert Cassar is a retired competitive body builder and
former owner of the American Chiropractic Medical Group.
Currently he is a researcher and practitioner of parasitology,
toxicology and naturalistic living. He is the founder of the
innovative www.EarthShiftProject.com an online “Research
& Lifestyle Management Community/Network" and Earth Shift Products www.
EarthShiftProducts.com "wholesale club".

In Dr. Cassar’s lectures and workshops he reveals how
everything in existence vibrates at various frequencies and
how transforming the body (through terrain modification)
eating and drinking live, high vibration, non corrupted and mineral dense foods, we can
change our energy and vibratory levels, thus elevating our health and consciousness. He
also explains that the higher the vibrational output of the body and mind, the higher we
ascend as beings and advance in our evolution.

Dr. Cassar discusses how, over time through toxic accumulations, both physiologically
and psychologically, we age and ultimately die of sickness or
some form of incurable disease.

He also explains how the science of "terrain modification"
will transform our body vessels from acid-to-alkaline, carbon-
to-crystalline and from disease-to-ease. Health, Wealth and
Happiness is the name of the new game.

To inquire about speaking engagements and guest appearances,
email drrobertcassar@gmail.com.

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